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The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different.

TWS aims to invest in your future! Our portfolio embodies our dedication to our clients and their innovative approach to advancing the world. Take a look at our extensive portfolio because our work speaks for itself! We let our achievements make all the noise



Centropix is a bio-tech enterprise with several accomplishments under its belt. Its state of the art technologies are engineered with EMF modulation that help in restoring the human body’s vitality by aiding in regeneration. With their intensive products such as Kloud, Cocoon, and Bubble. Centropix provides us all a chance at improving our lives by protecting us from noxious EMFs that are induced by smartphones, wifi routers, satellites and even electric wiring. With Centropix you will feel elated, possess increased energy and feel the change in your body and being

Yacht Registration

Skip the wait with Yacht Registration, a forum to register your boats and yachts online so you do not feel stranded amidst the registration offices for hours! We designed and developed a friendly user interface for ease in the registration process. With Yacht Registration, all you need to do is upload your documents and you are good to go!

Granite Gold Services

Founded in 2002, we’re a family company with an entrepreneurial spirit to find innovative solutions to help customers protect what’s most important to them, from the delicate surfaces in their homes to avoiding costly repair or replacement to protecting their families and homes against harmful germs.

It started with a passion to make natural stone and quartz care and maintenance easy for homeowners with the best solutions and technologies drawn from a family legacy. The Granite Gold® brand was born out of three generations’ expertise in stone and quartz fabrication, installation and restoration. Our founders, cousins Lenny Sciarrino and Lenny Pellegrino, grew up in the family business and are named after their grandfather, Leonardo Pellegrino, who came to the United States in the 1950s, bringing with him an Italian heritage known for expertise in the stone industry that he passed on to generations of family.

Autumn Adeigbo

TWS is a proud supporter of Autumn Adeigbo, a black owned business by Autumn herself making waves across the fashion industry with her strong business acumen and exquisite fashion sense! TWS is overjoyed with our tech contributions to further her business and see her reaching for the stars.

Michael Saiger

Michael Saiger is a Miami based fashion label curating the brand Miansai. The brand is now going global with now available in over 40 US states and 36 countries in total! TWS is extremely proud of the work that they accomplished with Michael Saiger. Their cooperation, determination and philanthropic efforts during the wake of Covid-19 is truly inspirational. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for them next!


Work smart and not hard! WIth Every Nook you get the comfort of managing and measuring your potential for real estate ownership, through trustworthy brokers and agents in your community! These brokers and agents have a wide network where they can come together to collaborate on certain issues, share tips and tricks to finding the optimal real estate and as a result keep their clients satisfied. We have developed a user friendly software where you, the agent can set their goals and look forward to the expansion of your career!

Oxford Pakistan Programme

The Oxford Pakistan Program is an initiative based forum that seeks to generate momentum on several of Pakistan’s related activities in terms at University of Oxford. OPP is here to address the underrepresentation of Pakistani students in the Oxford campus. It also furthers the exchange of ideas and values all the way from Oxford to Pakistan and vice versa! TWS feels immense joy to be able to work on such a vast and meaningful subject!


Igniteful is on a mission to unlock the true potential of Pakistan! An online exam preparation platform that allows for students to get the latest resource material, exam-like testing simulations and a student body community that nurtures a positive environment for students. It is a matter of great pride for us to be collaborating with Igniteful and to develop a functional platform for them to help the Pakistani youth reach heights of success! 


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